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Description-filling out that narrative essay!

We know there are three general types of description:

Spatial (e.g. top to bottom, left to right)

Chronological (i.e. first, second)

Level of Importance (e.g. most to least)


Learn to recall and write dialogue.

Finding classic photographs online is also an effective way to build your background knowledge about famous events and images while practicing your description skills.

And What Do You Produce?

–Narrative lead: Start with a description, an image, to engage the reader to show there is / was conflict

–Context: Go back in time to present information that your reader needs to understand the origins of this conflict.

–Body: Retell the experience.  Think about how the writers we read and listened to in class did this.

–Turn: Give us a highpoint, the strongest conflict, something that led you toward an insight

–Closing: This is usually a return to the image in the first section but it goes beyond what was presented by providing an insight, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly

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