National University South India and China Music Summary

this week a going to post on music from south India or India and china same thing about you did in the first assignment or the second one

we going to talk about music from south India or India and china

the summary talking about the emotion or how we describe (expresses) the feeling about the music the is the first page.

then about :.

karnataka san geata

south India 2. oral tradition 3. gurukala system 4. golden age : Ca 1780 – 1820 5. kriti 6. melody ,drone, rhythm

melodic and pitch characteristics

1. melaker to scale system 2.Sa , ri ,ga , pa , da , ni sa 2. tonic and drone 3. raga — affect 4. natai raga 5. sarasiruha

Indian and western popular music

1. Ravi Shankar 2. hindu stani tradition 3. sitar 4. George


1. vocal Vs instrumental 2. solo Vs group 3. folk / popular Vs cultivated


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