Native American Culture – Perceptions of Justice

As you can tell from the interview with Louise Erdrich, she wrote the novel The Round House to shed light on two issues plaguing Native Americans: violence against women and lack of sovereignty. From the NY Times article you read, you learned that Native American women experience violence at a rate much higher than the rest of the population; at least 1 in 3 Native American women (some studies suggest as many as 1 in 2) will be the victims of violence. The second problem, sovereignty, gets in the way of finding justice for many Native American women who experience violence on the reservation, and it is the issue at the heart of Erdrich’s novel. While you have not finished the novel yet, it should be clear that Joe and his father, Bazil, seek justice for Geraldine in two different ways. How are these two characters different in their search for Geraldine’s attacker? How do their approaches address the problems with sovereignty (you may want to look at your notes from week 2 regarding the major crimes act)? Your answer to these two questions should be a fully formed paragraph at least five sentences

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