Need help to Write a Full Dialogue and a Slow motion version for a Scene

The homework question has two parts: one is to write a full dialogue with description for a summarized climax of a story (transform a summarized event into a scene), the other one is to  write a slow-motion version of the scene (For this last one, keep filmmaking in mind: Begin with an establishing “shot” and keep zooming in. Instead of moving the action forward, move it inward and expand, psychologically and in terms of sensory detail.)

The summarized climax is:

Daring as it was, the two new lovers started meeting up at Sherry’s home each time Ray was on a business trip. With time Sherry figured out that she never truly loved Ray but dated him out of sympathy. She could not hold it any longer since pretense was not what she was best at. All hell broke loose one day when Ray got home earlier than he was supposed to. Ray walked into the house only to find them cuddling in bed. Shocked as he was, his reaction told it all. His dazed face was a sick pale color as he stumbled unable to keep his body up to walk away. His fears had been confirmed. Unable to move on with the relationship, the called it quit after five long years of love and cherish.

Backstory: Andrew, Sherry’s crush in college came back to town after being relocated for three years. Ray and Sherry grew up together and he has been chasing Sherry for many years, they eventually ended up dating each other after Andrew went away.

Please write a scene and a slow motion describing their state of mind during the scene in two independent parts.

Thank you very much!

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