Northeastern University Nissan Global Leadership Case Study Analysis

Read and analyze the case study on Nissan from the course pack.

Instructions will be available on accessing and paying for the course pack.

The paper should be 10 pages long with the analysis up to 6 pages and the recommendations up to 4 pages.

Recommended Structure is as follows and the APA,

It is double-spaced and 12-point.

2 Introduction (high-level findings of the case study)

3 As you work through this paper, analyze the following areas (6 pages):

a The strategic business objective pursued,

b The specific types of leadership styles employed,

c The challenges faced and results achieved,

d The causes of success or failure and

e Other areas you consider pertinent

4 Recommendations

5 Conclusion

6 References

NOTE: The final draft due later will also use the same above structure except that you will incorporate any feedback that I have suggested in the initial draft.

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