Oklahoma City EMS System, assignment help

In this paper, I need to write about Oklahoma City EMS System and I need you to cover the aspect or points that are listed below. Use as many sources as you need. write as long as you need. However, do not exceed 10 pages. Please Avoid any plagiarism because I will upload the paper in safe assignment in blackboard. Please, Please Please! Cite everything you get from references; I mean (in-text citation). I need to know where the information come from. So in –text citation is very important in case the instructor asks me. I do not need you to write an introduction or conclusion paragraphs because this paper is 4 sections or parts research and this is the third part of it. So, just start by the SWOT analysis and so on. Use APA format, and references page. SWOT analysis is the most important point in this paper so make it perfect . If you have any question let me know.

  • SWOT Analysis of Oklahoma City EMS System (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) each of them in separate paragraph.
  • Description of alternative system changes. What can be change in the System?
  • Evaluation of system efficiency and effectiveness.

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