Oklahoma City EMS System, writing homework help

I am writing research about Emergency medical service authority (EMSA). It a governmental agency in Oklahoma City EMS sytem. This is the last paper of the research. So, I need you to cover the points which are listed below. Please avoid any plagiarism because I will upload the paper in safe assignment in blackboard. Cite everything (in-text citations). For example: “The communication or ‘911’ center has interchangeable call-talking and radio dispatch stations (KirLee, 2012)” and so on. Use APA format. Use as many sources as you need. Please try not to write about their poltical problems, fedral gvoernment or leder press problems because they are complicated and boring for you and for me. Make it simple. I will provide you with my work to get an idea about the paper. Look at the last section in the document where it says SWOT anaylsis so you may take a look at it to be able to write about the point below! Let me know if you have any question.

  • Description of alternative system changes. What can be change in the System? (try to spend this part talking about training more personnel on emergency services because this is their major issue)
  • Evaluation of system efficiency and effectiveness
  • Selection and explanation of suggested action plan
  • Conclusion (very important part of this paper. Give an overview about Oklahoma City EMS system. It can be your opinion!!! Try to make it easy and understandable)

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