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Our organization also follows some of the models used. It also involves the design of a product as well as the process that will produce it. A lot of considerations are undertaken so that our organization can come up with the appropriate and efficient process that will satisfy its customer’s needs. The bottom line in manufacturing is to ensure that the processes are efficient and cost saving. Our organization also ensures that it has the most effective relationship with its suppliers so that it can do it cost effectively. Enterprise Resource Planning is also essential in our organization operation model; it simplifies the company’s processes.

One of the primarily focused goals of our organization is the maximization of profits through the sales of its products. The other primary goal of our organization is to ensure long-term survival. It makes sure that all of its decisions are based on its safety in the market; therefore, it does not target to reap massive profits in short-run. Another primary objective of our organization is to maximize it’s profits; this move is an alternative to profit maximization. Some of the techniques and tools that our organization has been using to achieve these goals are; analyzing organization culture to cut cost and improve efficiency, ensuring better business strategies and information system and also reviewing the business case throughout the project’s lifecycle.


I really agree with the organization follow this model. It has six processes, product design, purchasing, manufacturing, service operations, logistics, and distribution. During the video named what is operations management, it takes some examples like MacDonald’s raw materials across the global in order to get a best price. In addition, Disney provide a good service so that can keep customers happy.

There are two main types of organizational goals: official and operative. Official goals detail a company’s aims as described in their public statements, such as the corporate charter and annual reports. They help to build the organization’s public image and reputation. Operative goals are the actual, concrete steps a business intends to take to achieve its purpose. A company’s operative goals often don’t parallel its official goals; for example, while a nonprofit volunteer organization’s main official goal may be community service, limited funding might mean that its operative goal of fund raising will take precedence.

I think the official like the manager needs to make a perfect system. Having a completed specification of the geometry, materials, and tolerances for all parts. Identification of all standard parts to be purchased from suppliers. If the detector wants to operative a company successful, he/she needs let the production rate ramp-up. It would need to train workers and resolve any remaining problems. Productions are the most important part to run a company.



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