Paine the Age of Reason Chapter 1

The Prompt:

Choose two of the following primary texts:

1. “Billy Graham on the Communist Threat” (video)Billy Graham on the Communist Threat (Links to an external site.)
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2. Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason (the excerpts assigned as required reading)
3. Emma Goldman’s “The Philosophy of Atheism”
4. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” (full text: (Links to an external site.)

Find one commonality within your two chosen texts. Provide an analysis of how that commonality reflects their shared influence of the Protestant Reformation.

Further Notes:

Follow the Writing Assignment Rubric precisely.

This may seem obvious, but I want to state it clearly: choose a commonality that relates directly to the Protestant Reformation.

Keep in mind in your writing that sharing a commonality does not detract from their differences. Make clear that you understand this!

This prompt allows for many different arguments. Please make only one argument that you explore in depth. A helpful hint to remember is to keep it simple, creative, and insightful.

Remember that making one argument does not exempt you from displaying a broader view of your chosen theme. Begin with a broader view of the commonality you posit then siphon that view into a tangible, creative analysis.

When referencing your primary written texts, please provide the page numbers in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For “Letter from a Birmingham City Jail,” you can use either the page numbers in your PDF or the page numbers in the provided website. For the two PDFs that contain excerpts from Paine’s work, include the chapter and page number in your citations. This will count towards your total word count, so double check that.

If you decide to use the video of Billy Graham as one of your texts, then there is no need to provide citations when referenced.

References to other readings or in-class discussions do not have to be cited, but you must display your understanding of these materials.

#thesis statement have to be Bold.

#MLA style, double space.

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