Paper for Tale of Kieu

1.Be sure to use only “ hard copy” of The American Heritage Dictionary

2. Be sure you use only two short quotations from book and of no more than two lines each. [The paper should reflect your own thinking.]

3. Be sure that all parenthetical-citation entries correspond properly to the citations on the Work Cited listing-and Vice versa

4. Follow the examples in MLA exactly for STYLE in all matters pertaining to the form of your paper, the parenthetical citations, & the Works Cited references.

5. Do not use contractions in your formal writing- and do not use YOU as an indefinite pronoun!!!!

For ALL parenthetical citations in your text, please enter(1) the Last Name of the Author and (2) the page number. The only exception is for citations from the American Heritage Dictionary- which,uniquely, require only word you are defining.[e.g.(“consciousness”)]

The SUBJECT of your paper is Tale of Kieu. The FOCUS of your paper is [A]”Kieu’s misfortunes in her life,” and [B]” what is the cosmic Significance of her Decision at the End of the Epic?”

Stay focused on the text and on specific passages relevant to the SUBJECT and FOCUS assigned, and on ideas relevant to the interaction of those two aspects of the work.

Use 12 point font, Times New Roman type, double space, three pages for the paper + one page foe the Works Cited,MLA style.

there is a web that has the text of Tale of Kieu…

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