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Assessment of the situation is very imperative when a mother refuses to breastfeed her baby. I would first and foremost find out what it is about breastfeeding that is making the mother very reluctant. Several reasons can make a mother not want to breastfeed her baby. Maybe she is uncomfortable about breastfeeding around friends or family members, it can either be cultural and religious. The mother may have heard unpleasant stories about breastfeeding from friends and family members thereby feeling reluctant. It’s of no end the lists of reasons a mother will not breastfeed her baby. The first step is to determine and understand why this is. Once this reason is established, I would then present the mother with educational and factual information about breastfeeding. An example is, if she says it is painful to breastfeed, she will be educated on the different holds and on how to get the infant properly latched. There are different factors that influence getting a baby to properly latch according to Office on Women’s Health (2018), these includes creating and maintaining a calm environment, holding the baby skin to skin and letting the baby take the lead, supporting the baby’s head, but not forcing to latch, and allowing the breast to hang naturally. I would also refer the mother to support groups and online resources.

I will also stress that feeding the baby is the most important thing whether it is through breastfeeding or infant formula, benefits of both will be presented to the mother. Providing education on both options and supporting her choice will guarantee the new born is properly and adequately fed. If the choice of the mother is bottle feeding, I will make sure to educate her on the right amount of formula the baby should take with each feeding, the duration between feedings and how to properly burp the infant. The important thing here is that the mother is comfortable with how she feeds her baby and the baby is also receiving adequate nutrition.


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