PESTLE Analysis, homework help

Our web site and apps are under construction at the moment. In the attachment you will find explanation what our business will be about. We will need following things to develop our marketing plan. The company will operate only in Republic of Ireland.

i would need this 13 points

Market research papers:
1.PESTLE analysis
2.Target Market for carpool and kid’s pick-up – Sizing, Trends, Driving Factors, Growth, SWOT Demographics and Psychographics,
3.Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)
4.Unique selling Propositions
5.Marketing Objectives
6.Brand Positioning
7.Marketing Strategy (4P/4C’s)
8.Porter’s 5 Forces
9.Promotional Plan-how will we reach our target market
10.Action plan- Timeline

Competitor analysis:

12.Competitive Analysis
13.Website and Keyword Analysis, Social Media Profile Analysis, and Online and Offline Strategy
I hope it is clear now?

length: Look is up to yourself I prefer quality over quantity.

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