PHIL 3240 Global Ethics Extra Credit Assignment

PHIL 3240 – Global Ethics

Extra Credit Assignment – Winter Term 2017/18

Global Ethics Audit

  1. Select an article about a global ethics issue (poverty, health, war, environment, human rights etc.). The article can be obtained from a newspaper/magazine or online from a recognized news organization. The story must be from December 2017 through the present.
  2. Give a brief synopsis of the facts of the article and the background of the story (several paragraphs).
  3. Answer the following questions:
  • a)What is the ethical issue and why is it one of global concern? Explain.
  • b)What responsibilities do the various parties have to deal with this problem (local, national, international, NGOs)? Explain.
  • c)How have the various parties handled their responsibilities thus far in light of what we have learned about global ethics? Explain.
  • d)What suggestions do you have to do things differently from what has been done so far? Explain.

Be sure to use information and terminology we learned in class to evaluate this case study and explain your positions. Include as many of those concepts as possible in your answers. Be sure to properly footnote this report.

Length: Minimum 4 -5 pages typed. Printed copies only, no electronic versions.

Due Date: Monday 2/12/17 (before the end of class). No exceptions.

Maximum points available towards the final grade from this extra credit assignment: 7

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