Planning a Program in a Higher Education Institute

In this first Assignment, you will choose a program you will develop for your Final Project. Choosing a program to develop is a critical step in the development of curriculum. There are many needs that must be considered:

The needs of the institution. The needs of the students. The needs of the community. The needs of the economy. The needs of location.

Review the HE523 Unit 1 Presentation for information on types of degrees and credit hours. Ultimately, the program needs to fit into the mission of the institution. When choosing your program, but sure to think it through and assume all programs fit at all institutions.

NOTE: **For this Assignment you will fabricate an institution. You may base this fictional institution on an existing one, but your work must be original, meaning, you cannot simply copy/paste a mission statement of another institution. Complete all the information needed in the attached form.

An additional requirement for this Assignment is that you may not use any program or courses you have already completed as a model.

As a leader in higher education, you need to be knowledgeable about accrediting bodies, professional and occupational associations, and standards and the impact they have on curriculum. Professional schools and programs within a college or university have their own standards and required competencies that are mandated by the profession.

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