please get to me ill explain what is needed , its related to the essay you did for me

1) Present a draft of your working thesis statement.

2) Select a quote from one of our supplementary articles on dyslexia (either “Socioemotional Features and Resilience in Italian University Students with and without Dyslexia” by Marta Ghisi or “Dyslexic Entrepreneurs: The Incidence, Their Coping Strategies and Their Business Skills” by Julie Logan). Your choice of article and selected quotation will rest largely on your answer to step one of this assignment, as you will have to think critically about which of the two articles best fits the argument in your paper, then zero in on a relevant passage from that article. Using your selected quote, construct a body paragraph for your essay that effectively uses the “quotation sandwich” method discussed in Chapter Three of They Say/I Say. To refresh your memory on the quotation sandwich method, see pages 44-48 in They Say/I Say, paying special attention to the examples of the same paragraph written both with and without the sandwich. As it says in the book, your paragraph should explain “whose words they are, what the quotation means, and how the quotation relates to your own text” (43).

3) Discuss any issues you had completing this assignment. For example, did you have trouble choosing between the two articles or selecting a relevant quote? Did you face any issues writing the paragraph itself?

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