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Video Case Response 1 Instructions

To locate video log into blackboard at

Once into site click on myLU at the top of the page

User name: nmjames3

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and then click on blackboard

Click EDUC 521 and then course content and week 4

To view the video click on Cengage chapter 5(sometimes
was have issue with the site coming up if you have issues just let me know and
I will have to call help desk to have the site rebooted.)

Click on Chapter 5 Video Case – Tyler: Augmentative
Communication Techniques for a Kindergarten Student with Autism and Language

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to be unable
to communicate your needs and wishes through words? In this video, you will see
some of the common characteristics of children with autism and some educational
responses that help meet the child with autism’s needs. Later, while reading
Chapter 5 of Educating Exceptional
, you will see further descriptions of these. While watching the
video, think about the supports provided to Tyler and other students with
autism, but also think about how students like Tyler may feel about not being
able to communicate with words.

  1. If you had to struggle to
         communicate your basic needs, how do you think it would affect your
  2. What are some of the supports
         that have been put into place for Tyler’s success in kindergarten? List at
         least 3 different supports and how effective you think they are for
         Tyler’s success.

You must view the Video Case and write at least 150
words per question in response.


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