Please write personal statement, I provide you with some points to help you (in two pages)

Personal Statement

  • My name is Zahra. I was born in a holy city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia.
  • I spent all my life in my hometown Madinah. Madinah is a very famous and important city for Muslims all over the world.
  • I am in my third year in international relation and diplomacy at the college.
  • In my junior year at the College, I had joined international students club, which was so beneficial for me because that improved my language and helped me to meet many students from different countries. I always enjoyed reading, writing short stories.
  • I decided to study international relation and diplomacy because I have always been fascinated by looking for news and women issues around the world and trying to help women to have a good life and hearing voice all over the world, and discovering new approaches to help them. Also, one of my goal to help the government protect women rights.
  • I have achieved many different goals in life. For example, going to college, learning English language, and getting my driver’s license.
  • The international relation and diplomacy will add much to my knowledge, I would like to learn from the professors and their experiences and knowledge in this field.

I work as Intern for Interfaith Relationship in University Ministry. I really gain a lot of knowledge and experience, I met new people and I improve my leadership skill, and I understand the important of team working ; improved my language. Share part my culture and religion and learn about different culture and religions.

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