Policy Uncertainty During The Clinton Administration Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter 10 examined the dynamics of politics and policy enactments under the Clinton Administration. During the presidency of Bill Clinton, he enacted one of the most sweeping welfare reforms in history. This has ramifications on welfare program as we know it today. This is known as Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Act.

1. (A) Describe the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Act of 1996 under the Clinton Administration.

B) List 5 facets or characteristics of this law.

C) Explain significant changes that took place and why this is known as a major reform of social welfare.

D) How did this sweeping changes affect welfare recipients.

2) The Clinton Administration enacted a healthcare law known as State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in 1997, describe the purpose, significance/benefits of this law to needy families.

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