Postmodernism in American Literature and Its Importance Analysis

Submit a 250 word (min.) analysis of a literary work assigned this week. To do this:

  • First, pick a literary element or device that you think is important to the story/poem/play (see Literary Terms and Movements handout).
  • Create a thesis analyzing the importance of the term to the literary work. Ex: Modernism is important to Eliot’s poem because…
  • Analyze (rather than summarize) the text. Don’t just restate what happens; instead, make an argument about how the term is relevant to the text.
  • Use cited quotes from the text as support to substantiate your analysis (required).
  • Use APA format. No research is required unless you need to look up the literary term; emphasize your own thoughts on the literary device or element in the work; do not rely on a source to tell you how the device is important to the text.

The following are readings for this week…………

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