Presentation Script needed . writing homework help

Hello .

I’ve got a important presentation to deliver in 3days .

***I want you to write a script based on a file I uploaded . All the information that you will need is in this file so you just read and make a good script out of it and make a good conclusion as well..


Once you undertake my request , you will notice you have pretty much all the information that you need . there’s gonna be a ms word file which has all the information that you need. that’s it .

Please just make a scirpt as organic as possbile. Since I got it out of a CSR Report, Its material is good but it seems not so organic and will be kinda robotic in a way if I just read the meterial

I Don’t think it’s a hard of a job. The resson why I ask this question is that there’s a lot of americans in my class and even though I’m able to communicate with them very well, I want to sound as organic as possible since it’s a presentation.

it’s been great with studypool but there’s been some of bad works that I have encountered so If your work is not satisfying, I will ask for refund . so Please I need someone responsible.

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