Professional Communication Report

As the communication manager of a discount electronics retail warehouse Lee Electronics, you have been asked to communicate some news to all staff. Your general manager has just informed you that the sales targets were met for the year and bonuses will be paid at Christmas time. You need to make an announcement that will reach all staff from the entire company including middle management.

From the list below, choose three mediums you believe would be effective tools to communicate the message to all staff:

  1. Email to all staff.
  2. Posters to be put up around the factory.
  3. Company letter to be sent out to all staff.
  4. Article to go in the company newsletter.
  5. General manager presentation to staff i.e. PowerPoint presentation.

Within your report, you need to:

  • identify three mediums
  • report on why you chose them and why they’re effective
  • explain how each medium will communicate the message to the audience
  • follow the conventions of a short report style.

In the appendix you must include one example of how you would execute the message via a selected medium. For example, if you have chosen an email, poster and company letter as your three mediums, then choose one and present the message as you would in the role of the communication manager in the scenario presented above.

Atleast 6 references from peer reviewed journal articles in Harvard Style.

Note: Report is for 1200 words. The example in the appendix is not included in the word count. Please make sure you have selected 3 mediums properly with reasoning behind them (references). And also make a proper announcement example in appendix.

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