Project Management – Waterfall Model Agile Model Assignment

Our readings for the first two modules reveal that there are multiple ways to approach a project. You now have an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of these readings by modeling your project approach. In Section 2 of the Project Charter, you provided a high level view of your approach for this project. For this blog, you will now select two project management models and then visually demonstrate how your project fits into this project management model by creating two infographics or charts. In these infographics or charts, label what parts of your project go with the various aspects of the project management models you’ve selected and provide one or two sentences of explanation for each aspect of the model. While this post must be digital, if you are artistically inclined, you could draw your models by hand and then take a photo or scan it for submission.

For additional information on infographics, I would encourage you to check out Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything.

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