Purdue Athletes using their public platform to make political statements

This is a question that has generated much controversy and dialog, not only in the past year, but historically, too.

Your Task is to Write an Argumentative Composition that:

  1. Takes a position on the issue above
  2. Provides evidence to defend the position you take
  3. Integrates and introduces evidence related to your arguments (2 credible sources)
  4. Ensures evidence is explained and explored
  5. Includes opposing views
  6. Persuades your reader (s)

Refer to at least two sources and cite them using MLA format. These sources can be readings from the class but they don’t have to be; if you want to bring in other sources you are welcome to do that. Keep in mind that you can agree with the sources or use them to support your argument but you can also disagree with the sources by explaining why they are wrong.

Additional information on argumentative essays:

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