read the article actively and anwer

For this assignment, you need to read Ward Clark’s “The Myth of the Ethical Vegan.” You should read this article actively, not passively. This means that you will need to: take notes in the margins the claim or purpose of each paragraph; look up words and concepts that you do not know; write questions in the margins if specific concepts are difficult or dense, etc.

Furthermore, as you read the article, you will need to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the logos, ethos, and pathos. Refer back to Chapter 3 and your class notes if you have forgotten these terms and/or how you build ethos, logos, and pathos. Here are the following questions that you will need to answer for Friday’s class:

  • How effective is the title? Does the title indicate the argument? What is the argument according to the title?
  • Evaluative how convincing this moment of logos is: “Do ethical vegans live up to this stated standard? Do their actions live up to their own stated ethical principle, that animals have the right not to be treated as property? Do their actions really result in zero animal use? The parallel in human terms would be slavery, which no rational person thinks is ethically acceptable. Slaves are the property of masters; they live and die at their owner’s sufferance.”
  • Evaluate how convincing this moment of pathos is: “In fact, ethical vegans exhibit a stunning and savage hypocrisy. Ethical vegans, as a class, fail utterly to put any of their professed ethics into action. They claim to not cause harm to animals, but they do; when confronted, they claim to cause less harm to animals than the non-vegan, but they are utterly unable to show that to be true, and are willing to take no real effort to even quantify their impact. They are intimately involved, every day, in an activity that causes the deaths of millions of animals, and they do nothing about it.”

Explain why the logos is convincing or unconvincing? Does this moment of logos that compares veganism and slavery make sense? Is the logic strong or weak?

Explain why the pathos is convincing or unconvincing. What kind of pathos does Clark employ here? Analyze Clark’s word choice here and explain how he wants us to feel (and think) about vegans.

You will need to type up your responses to these questions, and then upload your responses to the drop box on our Canvas site. You may not hand write and submit these in class. You will need to submit these questions to the drop box by or before class on Wednesday, Feb. 28th

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