Quiz: Career Documents

Quiz: Career Documents


There are five writing questions. This quiz is based on readings and materials assigned for this Module. Please make sure you closely review your readings before you begin this quiz. Some questions require that you submit text, so when responding to the quiz questions provide written responses that are as comprehensive as possible (e.g., responses should be at least three sentences in length, if not longer). Reference your sources by using MLA-style citations.

Please note that some questions may be weighed differently than others and will have more points attributed to them.

This is the reading material:


  • From your Anderson textbook, read the following sections:
    • Chapter 3: “Defining Your Communication’s Goals”
    • Chapter 10: “Developing an Effective, Professional Style”
    • Chapter 16: “Testing Your Drafts for Usefulness and Persuasiveness”


Provide brief instructions on how to write an effective paragraph to someone who may be struggling with this concept. Use the Anderson textbook to help you respond to this question. Think about how you are organizing and designing your response for your reader and how the order of information can help or hinder meaning.


According to the online article assigned as part of your reading, why is good writing so important in a work context? Use MLA-style in-text (parenthetical citations) to reference the materials for your answer and to support your claim.


According to the Anderson chapters, what does “reader-centered” writing mean? Make sure that you are also practicing this approach when you respond to this quiz question and activities for this class.


Explain why the phrase, “works well in teams” is not effective to readers? For your own resume, imagine and reflect on what would you do to change this phrase into information that is more effective for your reader.


Define/Describe the following terms: Functional Resume, Chronological Resume, and Combined Resume. What do you think you will use to seek a position and why?

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