R.Write 2 responses to 2 students posts. 150words each one


After reading the Hutson’s article I would describe Thomas Jefferson’s position on government and religion, as two entities that should exist separately. The letter still has relevance to this day on government and religion. Political parties are centered around religion and its connection to the people and policies in the government. Representatives in government vote on and pass laws that are supported by the religion of the people they represent; for example, same sex marriage in states that are majority catholic ban it because of the teaching in the catholic church and the Pope. In contemporary America more politicians and the government should observe Deism, what Thomas Jefferson mainly believed in, because it throws out the idea of a superior entity being in control of everyday human actions and cause no sway in laws that effect everyday life.

Needleman’s ideas are relatable to many people, but freedom in my eyes has created selfish and inculpable people. In America where a person can be purchase things impulsively and then complain about another’s unimpulsive behavior as prerogative, this was caused by freedom. Needleman explains his meaning of mythology, which is “a way of speaking about great ideas that touches the heart as well as the mind.” He considers Frederick Douglass’s story and contribution to America extremely important to “re-mythologizing” of America, Frederick Douglass believed America was supposed to be something it’s not.

With the adoption of the concepts of “freedom of religion” in early America, America saw a growth of new ideas due to the diversity of the people. Unfortunately, people of color were left out of the growth of this new nation. The new concepts of religious freedom did not apply to people of color, besides them all liberties were secured for the people of America. This country was built on religion and its beliefs mainly reference to Christianity.



A)In my opinion, Thomas Jefferson does not think that completely cut off the connection is needed. But he thinks that it is necessary to keep religion and government separated. In today’s world, public schools have not forced students to believe in any religion. And I am very supportive of this action. Everyone’s beliefs are free. The essence of the government is to serve the people. If you bind religion to the government, there will be more disadvantages than benefits. Some people will have the mind to rebellion instead of obeying.

B) I agree with Needleman’s opinion. I think that only those people who have the courage to speak out their own thoughts are qualified to support freedom. A democratic country has sound laws. In a democratic country, there are political freedom and freedom of speech. Everyone in democratic has the right to join a political party that represents their individual wishes and has the right to establish a new political party that represents a unique will.

C) It means that a person can freely choose his or her religious belief in a society. Choose the rituals and traditions in which he or she publicly participates in this religion. Or choose not to believe in any religion without fear of persecution or discrimination by society. Free exercise means in this country, people can initiate exercise, and the government can’t stop it for any reason. Although these seem to be free, there are still discriminations, such as racial discrimination, discrimination to women, and discrimination against inferior people.

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