Read carefully the Cathay case study and the instructions below. Then answer the following questions.

Instructions Read the Cathay Pacific case study. After reading the case, complete your answers to the following questions and upload your answers below by Monday at 8 AM for the week following the week during which the case was assigned Grading Each question is worth 4 points. Each answer must: (1) articulate a position to the question, (2) support that position with evidence from the case (including quotes or references to the text), (3) be clearly written, and (4) demonstrate a critical analysis of the case. If any of these elements is missing from the answer, a 0.5 point deduction will be taken for that question. Each case has 5 questions, resulting in 20 possible points for each case study.This is an individual assignment – you are not to work with anyone else on this, nor use any online forums or resources to answer. Answer on your own with supporting evidence from the case. After you submit, you will receive a “SafeAssign” score – this is a score that is evidence of your answer overlapping with another student. A high score is evidence that you did not work on your own on this assignment and you will receive a zero for this assignment. Questions 1. Evaluate the progress Cathay Pacific has made on outsourcing their IT activities. Do you think they have been successful? Why or why not? 2. Examine the actions that they have undertaken to outsource their IT activities. Do their actions make sense to you? Why or why not? 3. What advice would you give to them regarding IT outsourcing in 2005? 4. What risks would Cathay Pacific face if they opted to expand their IT outsourcing further? 5. What one concept from the book or lecture material did you find useful in this case?

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