Read psalms 91:1-12, writing homework help

For a Topic Paper (5 pages) a. Read 8-12 verses/passages in your Bible that address your topic (psalms 91:1-12). List the references for these verses/passages. 
 b. Write, in your own words, what the topic means to you. 
 c. After consulting a Bible commentary or two, write two or three paragraphs describing the history of the time when this topic was discussed, the social issues (and something about the geographical area in which your topic was discussed. 
 d. Discuss how your topic fits in with the major themes of the Bible. 
 e. After consulting a Bible dictionary or two, choose two words involved in or related to your topic and show how they contribute significantly to your understanding of the topic. 
 f. Discuss how two Bible encyclopedia articles or magazine/journal articles treat your topic. 
 g. In one paragraph, discuss how this topic can be applied to your life. 
 h. Format: Include introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion and alphabetized bibliography. Here is The Bible link:

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