Read the article(by Flores et al) Write a critical review essay for the article. 2000 words.

Read the article(by Flores et al) Write a critical review essay for the article. 2000 words.


Some are rubric and assessment of the assignment. Some provide some guidance for your writing.


The Review Essay is worth 20 Marks (20% of the total mark in this course)

Summary of article (7 marks)

  • Clear exposition of the research question (or policy issue). (1 mark)
  • Presentation of main results (or policy recommendations). Include any associated assumptions. (3 marks)
  • Summary of the contribution to the academic literature (or to policy development). e.g. What is new? What is the relevance of the contribution? Why does this issue matter? (3 marks) Appraisal/critique (7 marks)

• Critically analyse the article (4 marks)
You may like to consider the following questions while analysing your article:

o Is the research question (research hypothesis where applicable) clear, concise, and complete; and addressed thoroughly?

o Are the assumptions well founded?

o Is the research design clearly defined and described? Is the design appropriate (optimal) for the research question? Does it contain any technical errors?

o Are the interpretations of the results appropriate?
o Are the conclusions accurate (not misleading)? Do the conclusions follow from the design, methods, and results? Is the justification of conclusions well-articulated?

o Are the limitations of the study discussed?
o Can the findings/conclusions/policy recommendations be supported by other research? Do the findings/policy recommendations contradict any other


• Improvement (3 marks)

o How could the article be improved? Written Communication (6 marks)

  • Communicate clearly and concisely (2 marks)
  • Structure text logically and coherently (2 marks)
  • Present text professionally and references sources accurately (2 marks)

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