Read the story and make response.


I would like from you to read the short story “Referential”. And answer the following questions.

This is the link to the story…

by Lorrie Moore. (Click the title of the story to access it) Consider the following questions and write a 200-250 word response. You may focus on just one or two questions, but make sure your response is thoughtful and gives your opinion/insight rather than just a summary of the story.

  1. Why do you think the author titled the story “Referential?”
  2. What do you think about Pete’s gift of jam? What does it tell you about Pete?
  3. How do you view the mother? Did your opinion of her change after she lied to Pete about who was calling? Did Pete’s response (or lack of) change how you view him?
  4. Who do you think was calling?
  5. What do you think about the ambiguous ending? What does it possibly mean?

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