Reading question help

1. Your general purpose in writing can be to persuade, inform, or

a. fulfil an assignment

b. practice new words

c. entertain

d. confess

2. if pablo wants to argue that cell phones should be banned in class, his purpose would likely be to

a. describe

b. persuade

c. entertain

d. inform

3. lynn wants to write about how DNA profiling works. Her purpose would likely be to

a. persuade

b. provoke

c. entertain

d. inform

4. If your task is to write about Television which topic would be narrow enough for a paragraph

A how satellite TV works

B Your favorite TV show

C The history of TV *

D the education value of TV

5. If you want to write a letter to the editor objecting to the demolition of an historic hotel, you would adapt to an audience of

A . engineers

b. your classmate

c. your friends

d. community members

6. the thesis statement must be

A. an incomplete statement

b. more than one idea

c. identical to the title of essay

d. complete statement

7. When you use specific examples to help readers gain a deeper understanding of your topic, you are using which writing pattern?

a. definition

b. description

c. illustration

d. narration

8. If you want to find the most current information on an ongoing political scandal, what would be your best resource?

a. your local library

b. The official website of the political party involved

C. Online news organizations

d. An online monthly magazine

9. If you want to find the latest studies on a rare medical disorder, what would be your best resource

a. an internet health website

b. a book about the disorder

c. a current professional medical journal

d. a blog maintained by a victim of the disorder

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