Reading Report 4 pages

Reading report structure and grading sheet

Introduction (5 points):

– Introduces the chosen material (author, date, location, …) and appropriately

contextualizes it.

– Presents the question or thesis that the body of the report will address.

– Explains the reason for choosing such a reading angle.

– Explains the reason for choosing the material, if the material chosen is different from

the one assigned.

Summary paragraph (5 points):

– Offers a concise summary or general presentation of the material chosen.

– Mentions all the elements needed in order to understand the arguments later

developed in the body of the paper.

Analytical paragraphs (10 points):

– Offers a well-constructed, nuanced and personal analysis of the material.

– Relates the material to its socio-historical context and to larger themes or theoretical


– Avoids fact listing, summarizing and descriptive cataloguing of information.

Conclusion (3 points):

– Succinctly wraps up the main arguments of the paper. Potentially indicates direction

for further inquiry and research.

Formatting (2 points):

– Report has a title, mentions the date, name and student ID of the author

– Report is double spaced, paragraphs are clearly separated and margins are


– Font is readable and size 12.

Style and writing (5 points):

– Sentences are clear and easily understandable.

– Language is formal and tone remains academic

– Arguments flow logically

– A relevant reference is provided for all facts that are not self-evident or common


Grammar mistakes and spelling errors are not penalized as long as they do not hinder the

general understanding of the paper’s content

At least four pages, please use simple words and grammar.

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