Reflect on the course learning objectives (CLO), assignment help

Reflect on the course learning objectives (CLO) which are listed below. For each CLO, describe what you have learned and what you still need to learn in order to master that objective.

  • CLO 1: Describe and apply the findings of current theoretical principles and research on best practices for early literacy learners.
  • CLO 2: Analyze assessments that evaluate performance of developing readers.
  • CLO 3: Identify stages, principles, and components of early literacy development.
  • CLO 4: Identify and apply instructional techniques and assessments that focus upon building comprehension, fluency, and independence in reading.
  • CLO 5: Apply principles of balanced literacy toward a lesson plan which includes concepts and instructional practices related to phonics and early literacy.

**Chapters 1 – 5 will be uploaded**

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