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  • Reflections on your Journey
  • Review your essays from the semester. For your final essay consider these questions:
    • How have your thinking, feelings, attitude, or beliefs changed?
    • What has remained unchanged?
    • What does it mean to be multiculturally competent?
    • What does it mean to advocate for social justice in higher education settings? What does it mean to be an ally?
    • What might be missing from conceptions of multicultural competency for higher education practitioners?
    • How did you use the classroom discussions and dialogue groups to gain insight about yourself, diversity, and identity?
    • What differences will this class make in your own professional practices as an educator, practitioner, scholar?
    • What else is important for me to know, that you want to add, about you and your learning this semester? This essay should be approximately 1000-1250 words.

These are my titles which we use it (Introduction to Diversity, Multiculturalism & Social Justice, Conceptual Foundations, Power & Privilege, Intersectionality, System of Oppression: Racism, System of Oppression: Classism, System of Oppression: Genderism/Sexism, System of Oppression: Heterosexism, System of Oppression: Transgenderism, System of Oppression: Transgenderism, System of Oppression: Religious Oppression, System of Oppression: Ableism, Intersectionality Revisited

Educational Practices

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