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Assignment instructions

Read the three sources linked below, and make notes on them. What parts of these definitions make the most sense to you? What parts seem most relevant? What parts are confusing? What comments could you add to these definitions and explanations?

  1. Excerpts from the informational entry “Multicultural Children’s Literature” from the Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature: Multicultural Children’s Literature.pdf
  2. “Windows and Mirrors: Why We Need Diverse Books” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by Chad Everett
  3. “Students Have a Right and a Need to Read Diverse Books” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. quotes from teachers, compiled by Millie Davis for the National Council of Teachers of English

After you have read and made notes on the three sources listed on that page, write a discussion post of 150 – 200 words where you share your thoughts on the sources and what they had to say about multicultural and diverse literature. What parts of the definitions or explanations seemed most relevant or important to you? What, if anything, surprised you about them? Is there anything you would add or comment on related to these descriptions? What has been your own school experience with reading diverse books (in an American context, or in a non-American context if you are an international student)?

Your discussion posts do not have to be perfectly structured or free of all grammatical errors; however, they do need to be clear, readable, and reasonably well-organized. I also expect you to be detailed and use specific examples to explain your ideas.

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