Reflective Assignment

Your Reflective Learning Journal Assignment is designed to have you reflect and relate to what you have done in this module and course. However, you shouldn’t simply describe what you did in the module – you should reflect. This means that you should think about and comment on what you did. Each entry should be a minimum of one page – although you can write more if you wish.

This week please reflect on the following:

How much did you know about your client before we started this week’s assignment?
Answer: i think i know about 70 percent

What process did you go through to produce the backgrounder, fact sheet and news release for your client?

What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this week’s assignment?
Answer: i learn about how to create about News Release,Backgrounder,and fact sheet

Have you changed any ideas you used to have on this subject prior to completing a backgrounder, fact sheet and news release?

Answer: i think didnt change any ideas.

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