Relativism can be said to be the doctrine that truth and morality exist in relation to culture, society or historical context, response help (150 words or more)

Please respond to question 1 and 2 with 150 words or more.

1.  Relativism can be said to be the doctrine that truth and morality exist in relation to culture, society or historical context and are not absolute (“Relativism-Google Search, “n.d.)From the culture I have been raised from there is an element of wife inheritance. This has been perceived in many as light but as we know when it comes to relativism morality is not absolute. In the context of the said subject, wife inheritance at the point and time was/is acceptable to the community that practices it.  There is no clear cut method of terming a culture as correct or incorrect, “the right way is the way which the ancestors used and has been handed down” (Rachels & Rachels, 2015, p.17).

Wife inheritance though perceived as unacceptable, to me I would say that experience has made me differ in thought and understanding of the same. The pros clearly outweigh the cons and stands reason to pick the winning side. Through such arrangements many benefits are to be realized, such as, continuity of care, provision of resources acceptance of death, all this to a family that has recently lost their bread winner, they are likely to accept it. Why would you readily take this? Most African set ups the man is the bread winner. In a respectful way, we ladies in the new world have learned to be independent, but our objectiveness is to those who are not as lucky as we are.

Wife inheritance is based on objective moral standards. Different communities may view this differently but the notion of observer independence brought about by the umbrella of objective moral standards, holistically covers this. Though it may seem as a practice that has been passed by time, to me and my community, our ancestors did it with good effect, for good cause and beneficial reasons and they got good results

2. Relativism: Consider an element of your culture’s social code that other cultures have criticized. Describe this to your group. Is this based on an objective moral standard, or a subjective culturally-developed value?  Response posts (RPs) should discuss whether this element is objective or subjective and why.

“Properly understood, Cultural Relativism holds that the norms of a culture reign supreme within the bounds of the culture itself” (Rachels & Rachels, 2015, p.18).

For this weeks topic I chose to do mine on Relativism. When looking at what cultural relativism means we look can think of social norms within our society. What we may think is right within our society others may think is wrong within their society. There are many examples of what some think is morally right within their community.

While thinking of which moral code to use the one that stands out the most to me would be that people should stick to dating people that are within their race only. When looking at the reasons why this is thought it seems as if this standard is more of a subjective culturally-developed value than a objective moral standard. While we can look around and see people that date people within their race we can also observe that people date people that are not within their race.

When a society is strongly against something that is considered a norm to others, those people will be raised to see that it is not right for them to lead that type of life. When this happens they are then seeing the subjective side of this value and they have been raised to think that this is not right so they are more likely to agree that this is not a norm.

In order to get away from these types of thoughts as to what is right or what is wrong, we should let every person decide for themselves and be their own person

Two Response Posts (RP).

  • RPs should be 150-250 words
  • Add new content, a distinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes the topic thread more clear
  • Draw attention to a consideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new information motivates clearer understanding of the topic
  • Students should contribute to the discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a meaningful way. Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.

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