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         Instructions for ELP

  LSTHE 201 R: Comparative Religion

   Final Assignment Instructions

Part 1:  Written Exploration

For your final assignment in this course you will select and conduct a comprehensive study on a world religion of your choice.  In your written discussion you must include the following information. 

(1)Characteristics of the religion- the belief system or worldview, (2) How the belief system is shared in community and to those outside of the community (3) Central Myths of the religion (4) Rituals (5) Ethics-rules about human behavior (6) Characteristics of emotional experience (7) material expression (8) sacredness. 

(2)When discussing the belief patterns of the religion, provide detail on the following components: (a) sacramental orientation (b) prophetic orientation (c) mystical orientation. 

(3)How does the religion embrace the views of the world and life?  How do they respond to the nature of the sacredness of reality, universe, attitude toward nature, time, human purpose and words and scripture? 

(4)How are females viewed in the religion-consider their involvement throughout the history of the religion.  What role do they plan in spiritual or religious activities? 

(5)What is the religion’s view on Male/Females relationships within the religion? 

In your written presentations provide a historical perspective on the religion.  The information above provides you with a frame in which to complete this task.  Make sure that you present a clear presentation on the historical perspective on the religion. 

Central Question that must be address:  In what ways can we  (society) increase understanding of faith traditions of others in order to possibly enhance professional growth, conflict resolution, and leadership in organizations?  To address this question you may want to create a simple case study (brief) where a conflict or challenge may arise that needs to be addressed. 

Part 2: Connection to the Practitioners  (Experimental Component

To complete the experiential component of this assignment, students should do one of the following. Visit a religious or spiritual event hosted by members of their selected religion for this assignment, plan a visit to a museum where artifacts of the religion are housed and report on their experience or interview a religious leader or member of the religious community.  If the above options are not feasible, create a poster highlighting significant aspects of the religion to include information found in part 1 of the assignment.  This poster will be posted online and referenced appropriately in your written assignment. 

Written assignment instructions: To earn maximum points, papers must be well written and include every required component listed above. The Length of the assignment should be 10-15 pages in length in APA or MLA format.  Students should submit their papers to Smartthinking prior to uploading the assignment to Blackboard learn. 

Oral Presentation:

Students will produce a PowerPoint presentation highlighting significant aspects of their written work.  The PowerPoint should contain only 5-7 slides with speaker notes. 

choose a indigenous religion from the text book 

Experiencing the World’s Religions, Tradition, Challenge, and Change6th Edition: Author: Michael Malloy: ISBN-13: 978-0078038273Publisher is McGraw-Hill. 

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