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3.3.1 Ardunio uno

Where it is a board having the ability of reading inputs and turn to an output and it can be controlled from your pc by sending the instructor to micro controller and it is software (Arduino programming language) based on wiring. There are many types of Arduino microcontroller such as (Uno, Mega, Nano, etc…) in this project we will use Arduino kit Uno.

The Uno board microcontroller based on ATmega328P and it is have 14 digital pins input/output and it can be powered either by USB cable or by a battery through power jack.

3.3.12 Arduino platform software:

Arduino basically is an open source prototyping platform (Microcontroller) based on ease of use software and hardware and it is based in ATmega328 microcontroller. The developer can tell the controller what to do by write some instructor command and it is not required a specific window operating system as it is support by many like windows and Linux operating systems.

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