Report about attending an event, writing homework help

I have an assignment that I should attend a community event related to education then write a paper about it including:

– Explain what it is about and when and where and by whom?

– Summary about what happened there and what you experienced

– What are the benefits that you get from it?

– What is your reaction about it?

– Analyze the event.

– There is no pages limit but make sure to meet the requirement and be very detailed (I prefer minimum of two pages)

Attached you can find the event PowerPoint

It was today from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in Fairhill elementary school in Fairfax , Virginia

I received this from the principle:

We are hosting the orientation to introduce parents to the levels of gifted education that FCPS offers. We will also spend time introducing them to the referral process for the highest level of advanced academics. Our Advanced Academics Resource teacher will be presenting.

For more information:

-From the school website

-From Fairfax county public school website

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