Research and Create 4-6 pages IEEE


  • Demonstrate expertise in one specific WSN area
  • Identify a WSN area/problem that you can improve/solve
  • Propose a solution to the identified WSN area/problem
  • Provide future avenues worthy of investigation to improve/solve the area/problem

Project Description: Research and create a 4-6 pages IEEE style report on a WSN topic of your interest. Use the template معاينة المستندprovided to write your report. The steps for the project are identified below.

1) Select a WSN topic for detailed study.

  • You may select any topic from the ones discussed during the semester
  • You may also search for a new topic of your interest

2) Literature Search:

  • Search the Internet for papers in wireless sensor networks in the area you plan to conduct the project (use Google scholar, IEEE digital library, etc.)
  • Download at least five (5) papers in your selected topic area

3) Literature Study:

  • Study all 5 (or more) papers you have downloaded
  • Select one of the papers to study in depth and plan for improvement as the potential project
  • (Note: this paper should be the most recent one from the ones selected)

4) Project Report – Your project report shall include the following:

  • Introduction:
    • Why this topic is selected for further study
    • Clearly state the problem that you think needs solution/improvement or that your papers address
  • Literature Review
    • Review and detailed summary of all 5 (or more) papers
    • Comparison of all 5 (or more) papers you have read
  • Proposed Solution Approach:
    • If you could improve on the techniques discussed, how? Provide reasons why your approach is different
    • What would be the approach used to improve on the existing state-of-the-art. Provide the overall approach you intend on using if you were to solve or improve the selected topic
  • Expect Outcome and Deviations
    • What would be the expected technical outcomes and why
    • Possible deviation and corresponding mitigation
    • Possible alternatives to your proposed solution approach and why
    • (optional) Summary and analysis of results obtained — if you actually develop proposed work.
  • Summary and Discussion

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