Research in the Information Age

Reflect on published information and authorities in a subject area in which you have some interest and knowledge. This will become your topic for analysis in this Discussion Forum and also the subject of the annotated bibliography you will create for the Critical Thinking Assignment due at the end of Week 4.

Using the skills you cultivated in Module 1 and your reflections on your chosen topic, respond to the following items in relation to your topic:

  • Write a brief description of your topic and why you chose it (three to four sentences). Who is an authority on your topic and what gives your authority that type of status? (three to four sentences)
  • Locate two sources of information on your topic and write a one- to two-page summary that applies the criteria discussed in the lecture (such as author, accuracy, currency, relevance, audience, and purpose) to these sources. Be sure to provide specific examples. 

Approach your discussion assignments as you would a conversation. You are expected to express your own thoughts and analysis regarding the topic or in response to discussion questions. Your posting should incorporate information from credible sources to support your statements.

Module 1_ Interactive Lecture _ Schoology.pdf 

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