research paper

Please do by yourself we will use turnitin to check

10-12 pages

1. Use the theory to explain how it happends and why it happend

2.what are talk about and what the specific media

3. the effect the theory effect the story step by step

5.Begin: write the theory and step by step how it works

.I will expect you to

address a specific effect and associate it with a specific theory

or theories. Because we’re not going to cover all of them until the end of the semester, you may need to check your text and other sources concerning the theories which are most often applied to the topic you consider. You will need

An introduction that clearly states your thesis statement which should state the effect you are examining, the

theory which explains it, and the implication, theory, and your major points.

A literature review which describes the effect, the concerns about it and summarizes the research which has

been done.

The theory which explains the effect. Here is a detailed (step by step) analysis of the theory(ies) which explain

who the effect is produced and for whom. You will explain in more detail some of the work which you

mentioned in the literature review. (See how it’s done in academic journals, if you need some examples.)

The next section is the “so what” section. Here you discuss the implications of the research, the effect and

what should be done by individuals, groups, policy-makers, etc.

Summary should be a single paragraph that thumbnails your work

Use APA style —

There are several links in your syllabus, but if you Google APA style, you will get lots of


10-15 sources are minimum


Don’t pick a super-broad topic

like “effects of TV violence on children” — be sure to narrow it somewhat. See me

if you have a question about how to do that.

DON’T spend the entire paper talking about the effect

. Spend four or five pages doing that and spend the rest

applying the theory to the effect, explaining how the theory explains what is going on and how it has been used as

a basis for published research. Your introduction and conclusion should address why the theories you have

chosen are appropriate to the effect you are discussing. You are


doing a “TV Violence” paper…you are doing a


paper about some aspect of television violence (or some other topic) and how particular theories

explain the processes involved. Please don’t forget that distinction, because I have students every semester who

do, and their grades reflect it.


What that means is that you will think in terms of parallel construction. If the theory you use describes the

effect process in three steps, then show how those three steps are reflected in the topic you use…. i.e.

adolescent girls identify with the young fashion models, see their behavior as “useful”, etc….(Social

learning theory) You will obviously want to go into more depth than I have in this abbreviated example.

You will not find everything you need to write this paper in books or articles. You are going to have to think about

the information you find and

make the connections, the evaluations and the sense of it yourself.

Pay attention to details:

Spell check, grammar check. Proof read. A general rule of thumb is this: Never turn in

a paper the day after you write it. Always plan for an extra day during which you have had some sleep, some food,

and some time to re-read it after it has been printed out. Believe me, if you do that, you will always find mistakes

or at the very least, phrasing you can improve or thoughts you can clarify. It can mean a full letter grade’s

difference for the paper.

Use headings:

You are making a case for a specific theory and its application to a particular media effect. Help

me understand your arguments, your structure, and clearly identify the parts of your paper. Mediocre papers tend

to run together. Make sure yours is clear, understandable and the structure is clearly identified.

Think about structure:

Don’t just sit down at the computer and start writing. Go back to what you learned in

English comp. You need a beginning, middle and an end. You need to build a dramatic curve. You should have a

clear introduction that tells me what your thesis is and how you’re going to prove it. Whatever those three to five

points are should be identified in the intro. They should then be the headings for the major sections of your

paper. Your conclusion should remind me what you set out to do and how you did it.

Failure to cite

Improper citation

Lack of scholarly resources.

Length: 10-12 pages minimum + bibliography/resources. 30-35 pages max.


Arial 10 or 12; Times New Roman 12; or the equivalent thereof

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