Research paper.For serious tutor only

Franklin Zhu

HIST 439

Dr. Marcus


Research paper outline

Topic: Nikola Tesla, a famous technology inventor and scientist, invented the AC current in electricity, which is still use today. However, he died in poverty and obscurity, his reputation and recognition of his work changed dramatically in recent times.


  1. History background
    1. Age of invention
  2. Life of Nikola Tesla
    1. Working with Edison
    2. Debating with Edison about AC Current
    3. His legacy
  3. Tesla’s Invention
    1. AC Current
    2. Tesla Tower
    3. Wireless power transfer
  4. Tesla’s impact on society Before his death
    1. Europe
    2. America
  5. Tesla’s impact on society after his death
    1. Europe
    2. America
  6. Conclusion
    1. His work changed how human use electricity.
    2. His invention and ideas are way ahead of his time.


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