Research paper on leadership and self discipline

Hello am looking to have research paper done 10 pages including 1 title page and 1 citation page are you able to do that? topic is leadership and self discipline
Thesis: In our modern time of leadership, the hardest concept to achieve is our self-discipline (Self-Control). All around the globe, leaders are falling out of positions because of their inabilities to control their actions. Why can’t we as leaders maintain self-control anymore? So in my topic research paper, I will look into how Self-control affects leadership status, success and length.
Leadership and Self-Control
Explore leaders who have shown lack of discipline and self-control
Look at leaders who have demonstrated good Self-Control
Locate public cases of misconduct by leaders
Locate public cases of positive self-control by leaders
Media and Lack of Privacy
Media exposes leaders with lack of self-control
Pressure on leaders to have perfect Self-Control
Demonstrate cases of leaders destroyed by lack of self control by the media
Demonstrate cases of leaders propelled by the media through positive Self-Control
Culture and Self-Control
Technology usages by leaders
Marketing control over Self-control
1.Look at cases where technology distracted leadership goals
2. Demonstrate cases with economic gain over leadership status

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