Research Paper Project, writing homework help

Hi all, from today, I am going to work on Research Paper Project for my university english class.

I am looking for a someone who can work with me for a month continuously based on the topic I chose for this research paper.

There will be 7 tasks as you can see on the attached guideline ( most of them are very simple and easy.)

Total price will be dependent on tasks, however approximately $130 will be total for this project.

Reading all notes about this project is EXTREMELY important.

For this time,

There will be two tasks: (those are included in the file too)

1. Two annotated (briefly summarized) research sources: Post by Thursday November 17

1) Find two sources that you are going to use for this RP.

2) Summaries in your own words — of two sources which you’ve read closely to link near top of home page (include bibliographic data of sources: see models)

3) Model:

1. Jan Lee. “Labor and Environment Issues Plague Apple for Third Year”. Wednesday, Sep 17th, 2014…

In the article, they explain how Apple the tech company is trying to find ways to manufacture their iPad, iPhone, and macs for a cheap cost. They explain how Foxconn, a huge electronics industry which manufactures most of Apple’s products. The article demonstrates how the labor into manufacturing these products are super repetitive and distressing, which was why it lead many “workers” at Foxconn take their own life.

2. Leonid Bershidsky. “How Apple Calculates and Pays Its Taxes”. Sep 1, 2016…

In this article, it talks about how Apple has “only paid only 50 euros in taxes for every million euros in profit during 2014”. The company Apple owes Ireland $14.5 billion. This created criticism on them as a lot of people began to believe that they were dodging taxes. Apple was only playing a tax rate of .5 percent when they should’ve been playing a lot more than that which is 12.5%.

2. Post critical questions to Discussion Group by Thursday November 17

-Make a list of least five critical questions you have about your research topic.

Sorry for the urgent request, but I guess today’s tasks is not that tough.

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