Research Proposal+Argumentative Researched Essay

There are two assignments, one is proposal and another one is ARE. I need the proposal done in 2 days. You have 10 days to work on the ARE Assignment. Both assignments instructions are uploaded in the attachment. I also have done pre-research narrative and annotated bibliography. My previous works are also attached. Please go over all the instruction and my previous work before you start writing. Please note that in my previous works, the research topic of diversity in America is noted by my professor as following, “These research areas, while important, are incredibly broad in nature. Think about which issue in particular you would like to focus upon. Ask yourself: what aspects of diversity in the us seem positive and wahat seems problematic. What historical reason might there be that have led to continued racism and prejudice? In summary, please narrow down my topic to be more specific and concentrate on one or two matters.

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