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According to a documentary titled “Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA”, published on January 6, 2014 by (Links to an external site.), a woman named Patricia Maisch explained her view on the situation as she was a bystander as a woman named Gabrielle Gifford was shot multiple times in the head. She states, “I’m thinking, I wonder what it’s gonna feel like, and how bad its gonna hurt if he shoots me” (Maisch, 2:39). The Congress woman was taken into surgery under critical condition. This starts the plethora of voices that wanted to be heard when it came to gun laws in Arizona where the shooting occurred. The video states, “There was a public call for the federal government to just do something, about the guns” (3:45). Obama gives a speech about the occurrence of the shooting, but as stated in the video, did not use the word gun once. Many people were furious. They state, “without lifting a finger, the NRA has demonstrated it’s power.” This is aggravating because many cannot seem to figure out why stricter gun laws have not come into play, but really, the NRA is in control of the entire situation, and even in control of the president and his actions. The following stories discussed in this video were just as tragic, and continuously show just how much power the National Riffle Association has over the country, and how many lives have been lost due to the amount of power they have. In the online article from (Links to an external site.), a fact sheet was generated in order to show just how many acts of gun violence occur each year. It is stated that 549,380 occur each year. Another fact generated, is that “Everyday 314 people are shot. Of these shootings, 41 are children 18 and under, and In the US each year, 114644 people are shot. About 14,783 are ages 18 or younger.” Each of these statistics give insight to the subject and question, “Should government impose restrictions on what kind of guns / ammunition can be sold, and to whom?” The answer can be directly associated from these findings I have explained; the answer is yes. There need to be restrictions on the kind of guns sold, and to whom they are sold to. The problem here, is that if the NRA continues to have the amount of control that they do over the government and their laws that they want to place, not much can be done because their control outweighs the amount the government has. This is the main factor that influences guns policies and the gun violence that occurs in the United states today. The stats that were earlier given are just a small Segway to the amount of reasons why there should be restrictions imposed automatically. In another article titled “Gun Violence Should Be Treated as a Public Health Crisis Study Says” published on January 3, 2017 states “Every year in the U.S., more than 30,000 people die from things related to guns. That puts guns ahead of HIV, Parkinson’s disease, malnutrition, hypertension, intestinal infection, peptic ulcer, anemia, viral hepatitis, biliary tract disease, atherosclerosis and fires. Yet, the funding for research on gun violence lags far behind other leading causes of death, according to a study published Tuesday (Links to an external site.) in the Journal of the American Medical Association” (Wagner, This ironically is stated in order to show that the research that is evaluated and funded for in relation to the leading causes of death in the US are not directly associated to the amount of deaths that are occurring each year. Many speak about the leading causes of death in US to be heart disease when in reality gun violence is also one of the leading causes of death in a wider range. This needs to be taken into account for the sake of those that have lost their lives and need research dedicated to them. Whether the death comes from accidents in a home, suicide, or a mass shooting by someone with mental illness, each of the articles, and the video that were evaluated in order to propose whether the government should impose restrictions on what kind of guns, and ammunition can be sold and to whom it is sold to, show the ways in which we are not safe and the amount of deaths that have occurred due to the lack of gun control and restrictions that in the end would make us very much safer.

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