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Attention through vision, meaning through communication, trust through positioning, and confidence through respect. Darling and Heller have found a new approach to management during different times, all leadership theories are valid, and managers have learned from each one of them. Darling and Heller approach suggest that thought and feelings based on attitudes, controls the levels of fulfillment and success within every arena of an organizational leader’s responsibility (Darling, Heller, Wilson 2011). It makes lot of sense that if a leader generates a thought or feeling that is then communicated to employees and other stakeholders within an organization’s internal or external universe, similar thoughts and feelings are typically attracted from those individuals in that universe. Leader is person in command, and his leadership style is so vital to all people working within the organization that most of the time people takes the same attitude that leader projects.

Indeed, their research have pointed out that to achieve enhancement in an organization during socioeconomic stress, there are several issues leader should address when working with people within the organization. Such issues are: judge other less, help those who are emotionally down, focus on the future, and understand personal emotions (Darling, Heller, Wilson 2011). Their approach refers to a very close relationship with employees to find out more about their feelings and thoughts to appropriate adjust motivational techniques. Not all leaders feel they should be close to their employees, some of them just focus on direct and control leading to a demotivational atmosphere.

When changes occur, leaders most adapt and work with their leadership style to increase motivation. Modern times have turned things around for managers giving them new agendas of demands, expectations and challenges which some are forecasting will have “complex implications” for managerial roles and future (Doyle, 2000). It is time for managers to learn more about each employee under their umbrella, find the right ways to communicate to their people, being able to trust more by supporting new ideas and training them with all knowledge to succeed, and make sure employees are gaining confidence by giving them new task to accomplish under their supervision for support with respect.


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