Review and Edit Case Brief

1. Please review this case:…

2. Review the draft brief that I wrote according to the class assignement

3. Add any additonal points that you believe would make this brief stronger

4. Use the feedback listed from my professor to incorporate in the brief without simply copying and pasting

This New Hampshire case is another school finance equity issue arising in states across the nation. Simply said, here are points to consider concerning the decisions arising from this 1997 case:

  • The tax district is the entire state for purposes of determining whether the tax is proportional and reasonable within the meaning of the state’s provision.
  • The system of financing public education through property taxes assessed in school districts was disproportionate and unreasonable.
  • State-funded education is a fundamental right.
  • A state may not delegate its obligation to local school districts if the burden is unreasonable and inequitable.

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